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All HEAD products

HEAD is a company which prides itself on being true out of the box thinkers and innovators. The company was founded in 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland, by aviation engineer Howard Head. In the late 60s, HEAD's tennis division came into being when Howard Head devised a way to strengthen the tennis racket by introducing the aluminium frame. From that point onward HEAD have been one of the most highly respected brands in numerous markets. On this page you can view our entire assortment of HEAD's top quality product range.


HEAD have been the sponsors of many Grand Slam title winners, providing these professional athletes with some of the best tennis equipment on the market. From Arthur Ashe, Wimbledon winner in 1975, to current day legends of the game such as Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Follow in the first steps of these tennis greats by purchasing your very own HEAD tennis gear, here at Tennisplanet.

HEAD Tennis Rackets

HEAD is known all around the world for their tennis products, and their tennis rackets are particularly popular. Here at Tennisplanet we stock a wide array of HEAD tennis rackets, including some of their most popular models; the HEAD Radical, HEAD Instinct, HEAD Speed, HEAD Extreme, and the HEAD Prestige series. Alongside these great models, you will find that all HEAD rackets are made to a high quality, in a range of sizes and colours.

HEAD Tennis Bags

If you're looking for a way to safely transfer your tennis racket and equipment, then look no further than HEAD's brilliant range of tennis bags. With a range of tennis bags that can carry 1, 3, 6, 9 or even 12 rackets at a time, you will be sure to keep your rackets protected while you transport them to and from your matches or training. These bags also have handy extras, such as adjustable straps to maximise comfort, or separate compartments to store your clothes, towel, or shoes.

HEAD Tennis Balls

Alongside their collection of rackets and bags, HEAD also offers a range of high quality tennis balls. The brand offers a range of tennis balls suitable for different needs, for example pressurised as well as non-pressurised balls, and also training balls. Here at Tennisplanet you will find a range of HEAD balls in packs of different sizes, so you can order a 3 or 4 pack for personal use, or order a whole box for a club or training centre.

All this and more from HEAD right here at Tennisplanet. View our full assortment:

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