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Most important qualities of junior tennis rackets

  • It is very important that young tennis players learn to play tennis using the correct tennis racket.
  • A senior tennis racket is not suited for children because it is usually too long and heavy, which will result in the wrong type of strokes being learnt and possible injury as a result of this.
  • One of the most important qualities of a junior tennis racket is the correct length. The ideal junior tennis racket is in direct proportion with a childs height.
  • The correct length selection for a junior tennis racket isdetermined in the following way: Let the young tennis player stand up as straight as possible holding the junior tennis racket, with the racket head pointing down along the body in his or her outstretched hitting arm.
  • Then let him or her swing the junior tennis racket back and forth along his or her body. The junior tennis racket has the correct length for that player if it comes over the ankle, but does not touch the ground.

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Connection between height and the age of young tennis players

How to pick a junior tennis racket ? The table below illustrates the connection between body height and the age of a young tennis player .The table gives recommended length of the junior tennis racket, and can be used as a useful guideline:

Age Childs Height Correct racket size Recommended racket
up to 4 years < 92 cm 17 inch Tyger 17 inch
4-5 years 92cm-100cm 18 inch Tyger 18 inch
5-6 years 100cm-110cm 19 inch Tyger 19 inch
6-7 years 110cm-120cm 21 inch Tyger 21 inch
7-9 years 120cm-130cm 23 inch Tyger 23 inch
9-12 years 130cm -137cm 25 inch Tyger 25 inch
12-13 years 137cm-148cm 26 inch Babolat 26 inch
> 14 years > 148 cm 27 inch Senior racket

The weight, balance point, grip size, head size, profile height and overall design of the rackets above are specifically engineered to suit young tennis players.

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