Babolat Play Connected

What can you do with it?

Analyse your game
Know more about your game to perform better. Analyse all the aspects of your game: your style, new techniques, when your back hand is progressing, when you break a personal or even an international record.

Follow your progress
Keep track of your game's progress. Get a simple and detailed overview of your development by clicking on earlier sessions and comparing where you were then and how your game has improved.

Improve your skills
Get insight about which hits you are using often, and which ones you are not yet using in your current game. Vary and improve your style by learning new skills and achieve a higher level thanks to the Babolat Play Connected feature.

Check your pulse
Get an overview of your tennis game with Pulse: A dynamic interface that changes according to the power, technique and endurance of your game. Pulse changes according to the differences in your game, which boosts your motivation to play even more.

Compare your performance
Compare your performance with the rest of the Babolat Play community. Compare your Pulse results and other data 1 on 1 with a friend.

The 'Play' Rackets

Same as the original?
The Babolat Play Pure Drive and AeroPro drive rackets have the exterior appearance of a normal tennis racket. However, integrated sensors in the handle allow the user to access a ton of information including: power, contact point with the ball, and type of hit (forehand, backhand, service, smash.).

Integrated connected design
The challenge for Babolat was to integrate the sensors in the racket handle, without altering the feeling and playability of the racket. The design comes with 2 buttons and a USB port on the bottom, without affecting the performance of the racket.

The battery allows for 6 hours of gameplay and the memory can store up to 150 hours of tennis.

Innovative Technologies

A CDS (Cortex Dampening System) interface transfers usable information to the player and the new handle design brings this information closer to the players, allowing for perfect control of every hit.

A patented Babolat innovation, Woofer is the first technology, which allows the racket and the strings to interact when touching the ball. This ensures 25% more contact time between ball and strings, which means more control.

Elliptic Geometry
To improve bending and twisting resistance, the frame is 20% stiffer than traditional frames, which gives players more power.

GT Technology
A custom made performance enhancer. Hybrid materials combined with carbon fibres, which improves control and feeling.

The App

Learn more about your game with Babolat Play. Babolat Play Connected gives you access to a ton of information about: power, impact locator, forehand, backhand, service, smash, spin, shots, game time, number of hits, energy, number of rallies, etc.