Stage 2 Orange

Stage balls are softer tennis balls that are made especially for beginners. Stage 2 balls are orange and serve as preparation for the game of tennis on the entire court. In stage 2, 3/4 of the court is used. Below you will find our range of Stage 2 tennis balls. For more information about Stage 2, visit our advice page.

Stage 1, 2, & 3 Balls

These training balls are softer than normal tennis balls. The stage balls are used by those who are new to tennis as well as those who exercise. All of our Stage balls meet the requirements of the International Tennis Federation who approve them by the weight, colour, diameter etc. The Stage balls are soft and are ideal to learn the basics of tennis. In addition, they are used to reduce any early injuries. Playing with softer tennis balls helps loosen the muscles. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service.