Clamps are an essential tool to have when stringing a tennis racket. There are various types of clamps including flying, start, up and base. Each one of these is for a different purpose but is still important for a well strung tennis racket. TennisPlanet offers clamps from the top brands. View our collection of clamps on the page below.

Tennis Stringing Machine Clamps

Tennis racket stringing machine clamps are one of the most important items any serious tennis stringer must be equipped with. Most players want their tennis rackets restrung by a professional - usually in a tennis shop or at a tennis club via the coach.They expect a perfect tennis racket restringing finish and our full range of tennis clamps ensure your stringing machine produces great results. Flying clamps, start clamps, upper and base clamps ensure your tennis racket restringing work will be presented back to your client in a pleasing and eye catching way.