What is the ideal tennis string?

Of course it differs from tennis player to tennis player what the ideal tennis string consists of. When choosing a tennis cordage, you should keep in mind the following qualities:
Long lifespan
Low price
Low loss of tension
Playability, a word which comprises the terms control, feeling and power

Unfortunately, the characteristics on the left can never be present in one and the same tennis string. The longer the lifespan, the thicker it is, but the less power, control and feeling. You can save money by buying tennis fibres as a reel, instead of per set. When you put together all the 'ideal qualities' of the four most important kinds of tennis strings in a table and then quote them on a scale from 1 to 10, you arrive at the following, very general conclusions (in our opinion !). View the table below:

A natural gut string has perfect playability, but a weak lifespan and a high cost. On the other hand, kevlar has very bad playability, but a great lifespan. Nylon and polyester strings have characteristics that fall in between the natural gut and kevlar strings.

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Natural gut

The importance of tennis strings

The importance of cordage
The importance of cordage is often (mistakenly!) underestimated. Tennis players often spend a lot of time and money looking for the perfect new tennis racket, with all the latest technologies and then pay for frame restringing with a random (and often cheap) fibre. It is often said that you play better with a well strung fibre in a bad frame, than with a bad string in a good racket! It is a good idea for your cordages to be pre-stretched before your racket is strung. If not it can quickly slip and lose 10% or even more more of its tension within your first day of playing with it.

Court influences
The court surface can also influences your choice. Clay and grass courts can be hard wearing on a good string job because the ball carries dirt. The importance of a tennis string is best demonstrated by the fact that it is the only material which comes into direct contact with the ball. This means that for the most part the playing characteristics of a racket are primarily defined by the string and it's qualities!